Who We Serve

Our Students

Students with varied academic abilities and interests come to Know Your Options from all types of educational settings. We work to guide them through the process of making informed decisions that are right for them.

The students we work with generally receive multiple acceptances into their top choice colleges. Many receive admission into nationally competitive academic programs and majors.

Outcomes: Class of 2024

We are very pleased with our outcomes for the Class of 2024. Working with college admission professionals, we were able to proactively guide students to apply to a balanced list of colleges that supported their academic qualifications along with their interests. Their research, travel, participation in both on campus and virtual learning opportunities, and hard work on their applications paid off! All of our students have been accepted into a number of their top choice schools. 

In our ongoing work with future classes, we are excited to continue to watch them grow as they find their paths and discover where they belong.