Dear Emily & Alex,

Firstly we would like to wish both of you a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!  We also like to thank you both for everything you have done to make this difficult time much easier for us.  In particular, I would like to thank Alex for the commitment he made to our son’s success.  Besides his outstanding knowledge, Alex helped to turn a very stressful time into an enjoyable process with his remarkable people skills.  We also noticed our son’s maturity and focus increase significantly during the period he worked with “Know Your Options” and this is in no small part due to Alex’s coaching.   Having worked for a professional services firm for 32 years myself, I feel very confident in saying that you (both) and the “Know Your Options” organization are “world class”.  Thank you so much again and while the results of our collective efforts are not known yet, we feel excited about our son’s future and you have played such a key role in that!

Parents, Langley High School Student
Class of 2021