“. . .I just want to say thank you much for recommending me to apply to Case Western Reserve University. Over the past academic year, I switched my major from Biomedical to Mechanical Engineering and I am planning to do the 5 year undergraduate and master’s program with a thesis by getting a MS in Materials Science and Engineering. This year I was also able to complete half of the pre med classes. In addition to that, I got close with a Materials Science professor and he helped me to get into a solar panel research lab at Case and I am currently working there this summer. Also, I created a Mediterranean club (where we will host food events for philanthropy service) and I have a lot of friends over there. The students at Case are mostly supportive and the environment is not cut-throat at all. Case is a very good school for Medical and Engineering research and I recommend it. You can share my email to anyone who wants to know about Case. . . . “

Current Case Western Reserve College Student
High School Graduate, Class of 2021