In her senior year, my daughter Madison had narrowed down a list of about eight colleges that she thought might be good options for her but she was anxious about the application process and whether she was missing something. Talking with Emily gave her the reassurance that she had a good plan but Emily offered a few additional options Madison hadn’t considered. Emily walked her through which schools on her list offered early action and which didn’t and that helped Madison schedule and prioritize her applications. Emily gave her some realistic expectations on her chances of acceptance at each school and that prodded her to complete the early action application to the University of Michigan rather than wait for the general deadline and that is the school she ended up attending. Emily reviewed Madison’s essays but knew better than to smother her individual voice trying to make the words and phrases seem perfect.

We introduced Emily to our son earlier in his high school career to help guide him toward a plan for reaching his goals. Hearing from Emily the importance of participating in clubs and activities, of using his time well, made more of an impact than if we had told him ourselves. We plan to schedule more visits periodically so that Emily can help him see if he is on track.

Janice, Parent of Washington and Lee High School Graduates
Class of 2015 and 2019