It meant so much to us that you were not focused on her learning differences but on her as a complete high school student and athlete. She can be a bit of a hard sell but you didn’t push her, leaving her open minded throughout the process. I know I had my concerns about the size of VCU and again, you listened and waited until all of our thoughts were on the table and said the magic words – ‘Nobody comes back from VCU unhappy.’ In a nutshell, thank you for everything. It seems like two such small words but we were so fortunate to have you share this process with us and both of our children.

Parents of a Woodson High School 2012 graduate
Completed his senior year (2016) at The College of William and Mary and a Fairfax 2015 High School Graduate, currently enrolled as a student athlete at Virginia Commonwealth University and on schedule to graduate in 2019.