I was hesitant and rusty applying to law school after being out of undergrad & my Master’s for a couple years. Kim was wonderful at helping me determine if it was the right decision based on my interests and career goals. We first spoke about my motivations, what I could expect with the application process, and how best to prepare for the whole process. She was great at encouraging me to stick to a timeline that covered all aspects and not leave any one item until the end. All of my emails and questions were responded to thoughtfully and quickly. When it came time to review my personal statements, her input was invaluable. She really took the time to read through and explain to me how and why to change certain areas that not only improved my letters, but also my writing in general. The insight they provided into the whole process and how applications/applicants are viewed was incredibly helpful. I know that I wouldn’t have made it through as successfully as I did without their help.

First Year School of Law Student, Case Western Reserve University